Mackenzie Dev LLC

Our company was founded in 2022, as a place for businesses to reach out to get software and design services. Our current team strives to find appropriate solutions for our customers and is slowly growing as a company.

The goals of Mackenzie Dev is to bring ideas to life, create meaningful, and useful solutions to problems. We have a diverse background and consider this a strength to better cater to our customers.

Our Story

It all started with the company founder, Mackenzie having a dream of helping others make their lives easier. She considered the jobs she had held in the past as well as her experience as an Artist, Technical Writer, Event Specialist, Manager, Teacher, Student, and Contractor.

She thought of creating business solutions for artists and contributing to their creative web ideas.

She also considered her time as a technical writer, where the UI/UX had caused so many problems for her and ended up causing injuries, but thought of how time could be optimized and how to lower the chance of getting injured.

She remembered the times she spent working as an Event Manager, dealing with buggy software, that didn't work on everyone's devices quite the same.

She believed that artists could present their work and manage their business processes in a more efficient way using software.

Thanks to all these thoughts and considerations, she decided to move forward and create solutions for problems through software and computer programming. As a company we rely on our past experiences to help gain insight towards our customers and make smarter choices for the future.

Our Team

CEO / Software Developer

Mackenzie Lee

Mackenzie has been managing teams for over seven years. She studied Business Information Technology Management as well as Fine Arts and is well rounded as a creative, collaborator, team leader, and developer. She holds certifications in Project Management and Cloud Computing. She focuses on developing solutions for the web. She first studied web development in 2010 with Dreamweaver as her first IDE.

Currently she is collaborating with clients and working on